Iggy Azalea sextape leaked!

Several people have reported seeing a Iggy Azalea sextape. One of them being Steve Hirsch, the owner of Vivid (a porn company). They’re interested in buying the rights, along with many other companies. Just last month, Anonymous decided to threaten Iggy after she posted racist comments on Twitter. They would release the sextape if she didn’t apologise to the public for those comments. Iggy ofcourse didn’t listen and kept up her attitude, basically saying “I don’t give a fuck about ya’ll”, resulting in the leak to continue.

The tape leaks can be seen here. This site has all the sextapes that have been leaked and will continue to bring them out on the day of release.


Click here to view the full sextapes that can’t be seen anywhere else! They have the greatest collection of sextapes, paparazzi shots, magazine shoots and whatever comes to your mind!

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